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Caramel Brownies (SD) New

Caramel Brownies (SD)

Caramel Brownies 7x7 inch - (±650gm )..

RM 50.00 Ex Tax: RM 50.00

Citrus Brownies With Citrus Glaze New

Citrus Brownies With Citrus Glaze

Citrus Brownies With Citrus Glaze8x8 inch - (±750gm )..

RM 80.00 Ex Tax: RM 80.00

Classic Brownies New

Classic Brownies

Classic Brownies 7x7 inch - (±650gm )..

RM 45.00 Ex Tax: RM 45.00

Devil Food Choc Cake (DFCC) New

Devil Food Choc Cake (DFCC)

The Most Evil Cake In The World. The Devil Food Chocolate Cake. Kek Paling Jahat Dalam Dunia !7x7 in..

RM 70.00 Ex Tax: RM 70.00

Raspberry Pistachio Brownies New

Raspberry Pistachio Brownies

Raspberry Pistachio Brownies 8x8 inch - (±750gm )..

RM 95.00 Ex Tax: RM 95.00